NDISAC Cyber Threat Collaboration

The NDISAC Cyber Threat Collaboration (NDISAC-CTC) is an active, high-quality community that fosters the ability to develop, apply, and share cyber intelligence.

Established in 2017, NDISAC-CTC assists companies who are interested in maturing their cyber operations and threat intelligence capabilities to engage with like-minded peers at other defense industry organizations. From small IT teams to large security operations teams, all members are encouraged to reach out and assist one other with training, mentoring, and best practices – on the organizational and individual level.

The NDISAC-CTC secure portal environment facilitates discussions on tools, frameworks and processes that have worked well and those that haven’t as well as real-time cyber threat intelligence sharing on daily attacks. This group collaboration provides easy access to first-hand knowledge of tools or frameworks that your organization may be considering adopting.

NDISAC-CTC operates under the understanding that we are all responsible for helping each other get better. This community is engaged, active and ready to help your organization reach the next level of excellence!

To learn more about NDISAC-CTC membership, please submit a membership inquiry.