Membership in the DSIE is open to companies within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) with the responsibility for protecting Department of Defense (DoD) information as well as corporate information and intellectual property. DSIE is also open to companies that fall within the supply chain of such DIB companies or with whom DIB companies are critically interdependent who also need to protect sensitive corporate information or intellectual property in order to effectively serve the DIB.

Prospective Member Companies must meet or exceed all membership criteria as defined within a series of interview resulting in a Candidate Scoring Process presented to a Membership Committee for comment and ultimately to the DSIE Board of Directors for final decision. Not every Candidate for DSIE Membership meets the membership criteria or is accepted into membership.

Companies accepted for DISE membership include companies that are established or emerging leaders in the area of cyber security threat intelligence and incident management for their enterprise operations. DSIE Member Companies generally maintain mature and capable cyber security operations centers and highly capable threat intelligence mechanisms that enable them to produce and to act upon cyber threat intelligence of the highest caliber. DSIE Member Companies are exceptionally active in the sharing and collaboration of threat intelligence information and contextual data, and are at the highest levels of trust with their peers regarding the handling and protection of shared information.

Upon company membership approval, each Member Company must appoint a Company Representative for coordination with the DSIE regarding Membership engagement. The Company Representative will identify individuals for access to DSIE and participation in DSIE activities. The Company Representatives will also identify points of contact for other matters such as Purchasing Agent for invoicing and accounting, a Lead Analyst for operational alert notification and coordination, and the Member Company’s Lead cyber security executive for appropriate coordination.

The Company Representative will coordinate all aspects of governance regarding the Member Company’s involvement in DSIE including the Company Agreement, Individual Non-Disclosure Agreements, and provisioning of token-based access to the DSIE environment.

The DSIE Board of Directors maintains the obligation of revoking any company and/or individual participation in the DSIE if the member company and/or company individual member is found to not be in full compliance with operating policies, procedures, and all related guidance.