Attack Surface Management

Expanse is the global leader in Attack Surface Management. Our global Internet collection and attribution platform empowers the world’s largest organizations and government agencies to continuously discover, evaluate, and mitigate their external attack surface. Our customers include global leaders such as Lockheed Martin, U.S. Cyber Command, Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Allergan, Orrick, CVS Health, and more.

Exclusive Offer for ND-ISAC Members

Expanse solutions are used by the most complex public and private sector enterprises for attack surface management, including detection of prohibited software and hardware (Huawei, ZTE, Kaspersky, etc.), and discovery and monitoring of cloud assets (including co-located exposures). ND-ISAC members are eligible for each of the following Expanse complimentary services:

                             Expander Issues                                                                                                             Expander Assets


Expander Trial Access

ND-ISAC members receive complimentary trial access to Expander which provides a current, accurate, and complete inventory of all their Internet-connected assets, including IP ranges, certificates, domains, and any exposures present on each of those assets that could be attacked or exploited. ND-ISAC members also receive preferential discounts to Expander and other Expanse products and services.

RDP Tippers

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers provide remote access to a computer over a network connection. Externally accessible RDP servers pose a significant security risk as they are frequent targets for attackers and can be vulnerable to a variety of documented exploits. Expanse’s RDP Tipper Reports provide ongoing alerts to this type of exposure on the public-facing Internet, enabling ND-ISAC members to investigate and remediate any potential misconfigurations.

Defense Industry Benchmark Reports

Expanse indexes the entire IPv4 space on a daily basis and enriches the entirety of that data with a wide variety of additional data sets in order to confidently attribute assets and services to enterprise networks. Target networks are reviewed and a relevant peer group is built in order to provide insight into an enterprise’s security posture using a risk-based and asset-focused methodology versus an alphanumeric grade. ND-ISAC members will enjoy full access to personalized industry benchmark reports, accompanied by an out brief with Expanse cyber risk analysts, that compare their organization across similar peers to understand empirical metrics including attack surface, exposures, and sprawl.

Secure From Home Trial Access

COVID-19 has caused a rapid and unexpected shift to work from home operations for organizations around the world. As a result, enterprise perimeters have dramatically expanded to include the residential networks of employees working remotely, creating additional security gaps as these networks are neither enterprise owned nor managed. Secure From Home gives companies the ability to continuously identify and remediate risks beyond the endpoint for workstations connecting from outside the enterprise perimeter. This solution is currently being deployed by enterprises across the globe and has led to the discovery and remediation of substantial risks on enterprise networks.

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