National Defense ISAC Announces Official Formation

New national defense industry ISAC is now official, with full support, approval and merging with the Defense Industrial Base ISAO and DSIE. WASHINGTON, D.C., October 25, 2017 – The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (National Defense ISAC™ or NDISAC™) has officially been established with a mission to enhance the security and resiliency of … Continue reading “National Defense ISAC Announces Official Formation”

Defense Security Exchange Celebrates Milestone

DSIE Announces New Board Leadership Roles and Celebrates a Decade of High Quality Threat Detection and Mitigation Collaboration. WASHINGTON – (March 9, 2017) – Today, the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization™ (“DIB-ISAO™”) celebrates the 2-year anniversary of its official incorporation. The DIB-ISAO™ is also known under the trade name of the Defense … Continue reading “Defense Security Exchange Celebrates Milestone”

Center For Exchanging Cyber Threat Information Expanded

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2017 – The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Chemical Information Technology Center (ChemITC) announced a new partnership with the Defense Security Information Exchange™ (DSIE) to help increase participation in the Chemical Sector ISAC (ChemISAC), which serves as a trusted community for companies to identify and share cyber threat information. “Protecting the technology that helps run facilities, … Continue reading “Center For Exchanging Cyber Threat Information Expanded”