DSIE Overview

The Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE) is a member-based cyber information sharing body focused on protecting and defending Defense Industrial Base (DIB) critical cyber networks and related systems within the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NDISAC).

Officially established in 2008, DSIE has existed as the premier cyber center of excellence in various forms:

  • 2005-2007 – as an ad-hoc informal subset of the National Security Information Exchange (NSIE).
  • 2007-2008 – formalized to become a working group within the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA).
  • 2008-2015 – serving as both a working group within NDIA and as the operational cyber component of the DIB Sector Coordinating Council.
  • 2015-2017 – amicable coordination with NDIA resulted in the formation of the DIB-ISAO doing business as DSIE.
  • 2017 – the premier sharing community within NDISAC.

DSIE Member Benefits

DSIE provides a secure environment for intelligence analysts to share quality cyber threat intelligence in a highly-trusted, collaborative community. DSIE enables members to defend their networks and systems and to continually improve their analytical and security operations capabilities in collaboration with capable and trusted peers.

The relationships, communication, and coordination established within DSIE empowers members to quickly alert each other of ongoing defense industry threats and mitigation strategies to protect DIB critical infrastructure.

Trust is earned through sharing intelligence and engagement within the community – including active participation in our bi-annual DSIE Live! conferences.

DSIE members also engage in periodic hosted technical exchanges, training WebEx discussions, and involvement in technical working groups that are focused on specific aspects of threat detection/mitigation, tools development and implementation, and/or the identification and alignment of required capabilities and services for collective development. In addition, CISOs and CIOs participate in an annual CISO Summit to discuss executive-level strategic operational issues. All members of DSIE are members of the NDISAC.

DSIE activities and content are only available via a secure portal environment login for DSIE members. Unlike other organizations of similar objective, internal DSIE threat information sharing and collaborative coordination is generally done with full attribution among the participants.

Members are governed by a mutually exercised non-disclosure agreement, and have the confidence that data shared and context discussed is not subject to further dissemination. Employing the Traffic Light Protocol (Red, Amber, Green, White) ensures that only DSIE members will receive information classified Amber or above. This fosters greater collaboration and provides a reliability in the source of data shared that enables that data to be rapidly actioned upon with confidence.

DSIE Members

DSIE membership is available to all organizations who meet our membership criteria and are considered defense sector organizations, suppliers, contractors, or interdependent entities with the responsibility for protecting Department of Defense (DoD) information as well as corporate information and intellectual property, including:

  • Traditional DIB organizations
  • Those conducting business directly or indirectly with the DoD
  • DIB critical suppliers
  • Subcontractors for or supplier to DoD, a DoD program, a DoD project, or a DoD activity
  • Critical interdependencies that provide services across all segments of industry as well as the defense sector
  • Any organization who provides services that may be critical to any of the above

Membership Criteria

To be considered as a candidate for DSIE membership, perspective companies must generate and share first-hand advanced cyber threat intelligence.

Through a series of phone discussions and interviews, NDISAC staff will determine if perspective companies are able to meet the high-expectations of DSIE members for trust, activity, and quality. Perspective members will go through a scoring process presented to the DSIE membership committee for comment and the NDISAC Board of Directors for final decision.

Prior to joining DSIE, companies may be asked to join NDISAC Cyber Threat Collaboration (NDISAC-CTC) community for an introductory period to determine qualification for DSIE. Not every candidate for DSIE membership meets the membership criteria or is accepted into membership.

Contact us today to apply for membership at info@ndisac.org or visit our website, www.ndisac.org.

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