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The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (NDISAC™) Cyber Threat Collaboration™ (NDISAC-CTC™) is an active, high-quality community for companies that are interested in maturing their cyber operations and threat intelligence capabilities by engaging with like-minded peers at other defense industry organizations.

Joining the NDISAC-CTC is one of the best ways organizations can protect themselves and their employees against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active stance in safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure.


NDISAC-CTC’s membership base includes defense sector entities such as contractors and suppliers, and commercial organizations and institutions that they may depend upon for their business operations. NDISAC-CTC allows these varied organizations to join forces in one portal and share real-time cyber threat intelligence about the daily attacks they are seeing, and how they respond.

Membership Benefits

NDISAC-CTC members benefit from active intelligence sharing, collaboration and support among members. Active participation may serve as a reference for nomination to the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE); the Defense Industrial Base’s premier center of excellence for cyber security threat sharing and collaboration.

NDISAC-CTC has a strong focus on improving organizational maturity. NDISAC-CTC encourages all members, from small IT teams to large security operations teams, to reach out and assist one other with training, mentoring, and best practices – on the organizational and individual level.

In addition, NDISAC-CTC facilitates open discussions on tools, frameworks and processes that have worked well and those that haven’t. This group collaboration provides easy access to first-hand knowledge of tools or frameworks that your organization may be considering adopting. All information sharing is under strict non-disclosure agreements and follows traffic light protocol.

NDISAC-CTC membership includes:

  • Membership in the NDISAC and access to the NDISAC and NDISAC-CTC portals
  • Real-time cyber threat intelligence
  • Information sharing and collaboration among members
  • Cyber security analyst training and mentoring opportunities
  • Latest government threat advisories and recommendations
  • Upon exceeding specific criteria, basis for nomination to DSIE Membership

NDISAC-CTC operates under the understanding that we are all responsible for helping each other get better. NDISAC is engaged, active and ready to help your organization reach the next level of excellence.

Apply for NDISAC-CTC Membership

Contact us today at info@ndisac.org to apply for membership. Organizations should be affiliated with a Department of Defense project or product line or in a business relationship with one or more entities who are. Government agencies are not permitted.


The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (NDISAC™) is the National Defense Sector’s non-profit organization formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners. The NDISAC provides defense sector stakeholders a community and forum for sharing cyber and physical security threat information, best practices and mitigation strategies and is developed to serve as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector’s critical infrastructure protection operational coordination mechanism.

Formerly known as the DIB-ISAO, the NDISAC is the umbrella organization for the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE).NDISAC is recognized nationally within the US as the ISAC for the nation’s defense industry critical infrastructure sector by the Defense Industry Sector Coordinating Council, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Council of ISACs. For more information, visit www.ndisac.org.

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