About CyberAssist

The Defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council (DIB SCC) serves as the primary private sector policy coordination and planning entity for the DIB to discuss cybersecurity, physical security, insider threat and issues that affect the resiliency of the DIB. The DIB SCC sustains the security, resilience and critical infrastructure protection advances of the U.S. Defense Industry, both as an industry coordinating body within the DIB sector, and in partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) as the designated Sector Specific Agency (SSA) for the DIB. The DoD’s counterpart to the SCC is the DIB Government Coordinating Council (DIB GCC).

In early 2019, the DIB SCC formed the CyberAssist Task Force to enhance oversight and supplier accountability by providing cybersecurity resources to DIB companies and suppliers of varying sizes.

CyberAssist Mission:

Provide trusted resources to assist DIB companies and suppliers of varying sizes with implementation of cyber protections, and awareness of cyber risk, regulations and accountability for their supply chain.


Targeting of the multi-tier supply chain by cyber adversaries is an existential threat to national security and customers. New regulations, standards, technologies and the evolving threats creates a volume of information that is challenging for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to reconcile and adopt. This makes it arduous to achieve a holistic and sustainable cybersecurity program to effectively defend their networks and supply chain.



    • Provide trusted resources for short and long term cyber resiliency within the DIB supply chain.

    • Deploy a platform to share awareness, threats, best practices, tools and other resources from DIB industry peers, government groups and initiatives.

    • Collaborate with industry peers, government groups, and cybersecurity organizations to provide credible resources and updates on cyber regulations, threats, trends and best practices.