IA.L2-3.5.6 Identifier Handling

CMMC Practice IA.L2-3.5.6 – Identifier Handling: Disable identifiers after a defined period of inactivity.

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Discussion [NIST SP 800-171 R2]
Inactive identifiers pose a risk to organizational information because attackers may exploit an inactive identifier to gain undetected access to organizational devices. The owners of the inactive accounts may not notice if unauthorized access to the account has been obtained.

Further Discussion
Identifiers are uniquely associated with an individual, account, process, or device. An inactive identifier is one that has not been used for a defined extended period of time. For example, a user account may be needed for a certain time to allow for transition of business processes to existing or new staff. Once use of the identifier is no longer necessary, it should be disabled as soon as possible. Failure to maintain awareness of accounts that are no longer needed yet still active could allow an adversary to exploit IT services.