PS.L2-3.9.2 Personnel Actions

CMMC Practice PS.L2-3.9.2 – Personnel Actions: Ensure that organizational systems containing CUI are protected during and after personnel actions such as terminations and transfers.

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Make sure employees no longer have access to CUI when they change jobs or leave the company. Confirm that when an employee leaves:

  • all company IT equipment (e.g., laptops, cell phones, storage devices) is returned;
  • all of their identification/access cards and/or keys are returned; and
  • an exit interview is conducted to remind the employee of their obligations to not discuss CUI, even after employment.

The organization will do the following:

  • erase all equipment before reuse;
  • remove access to all accounts granting access to CUI;
  • disable or close employee accounts; and
  • limit access to physical spaces with CUI.