SI.L2-3.14.3 Security Alerts & Advisories

CMMC Practice SI.L2-3.14.3 – Security Alerts & Advisories: Monitor system security alerts and advisories and take action in response.

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Organizations should receive security alerts, advisories, and directives from reputable external organizations. You base identification of these organizations on sector, industry, and the technology you use. There are many ways to received alerts and advisories and may include:

  • signing up for email distributions;
  • subscribing to RSS feeds; and
  • attending meetings.

Organizations should review alerts and advisories for applicability as they receive them. An organization decides on its own review cycle. The more frequent the alerts and advisories, the more frequent the reviews. This ensures that the organization has the most up-to-date information.

External alerts and advisories may prompt an organization to generate internal security alerts, advisories, or directives. Share these with all personnel with a need-to-know. The individuals should take action to respond to the alerts. Actions vary according to the alert or advisory. Sometimes it may require a system configuration update. Other times, the organization may use the information for situational awareness purposes.