“The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (ND-ISAC™) is the national defense sector’s non-profit organization formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners.”

ND-ISAC provides defense sector stakeholders a community and forum for sharing cyber and physical security threat information, best practices and mitigation strategies and is developed to serve as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector’s critical infrastructure protection operational coordination mechanism. Formerly known as the DIB-Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB-ISAO) and Defense Security Information Exchange® or DSIE, ND-ISAC is the defense sector’s cyber security threat sharing mechanism and premier center of cyber

DSIE Logo words Registered
DSIE Logo words Registered

excellence. ND-ISAC’s portfolio includes physical security, insider threat, and additional cyber security activities of value to our current members as well as other national defense industry suppliers and interdependent commercial entities. ND-ISAC services include all-hazards threat sharing; industry-wide alerts, warning and notifications capabilities; the ability to pull together and sustain working groups across diverse subject matter areas relevant to the DIB; and the ability to develop and provide information and services supporting DIB interests.

ND-ISAC is recognized nationally within the U.S. as the ISAC for the nation’s defense industry critical infrastructure sector by the Defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the FBI, and the National Council of ISACs. The National Council of ISACs provides framework for cross sector interaction among ISACs as well as private and public sector security entities.


Recognized by the Department of Defense, DIB Sector Coordinating Council, and DHS.

Secure portal for trusted cyber threat sharing among members

Maintains “Cyber Assist” resources for defense industry and suppliers

Develop and provisions relevant tools, processes, and collaborative opportunities

Fosters the mutual and trusted sharing of threat information and security best practices 

Facilitates solution and mitigation strategy development, training, and collaboration

Central point of contact/coordination for external public and private defense industry partners

For more information, please contact: info@ndisac.org