NDISAC Membership

What is NDISAC?

The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (NDISAC™) is the trusted all-hazards community formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners.

NDISAC supports our membership base by facilitating collaboration, threat intelligence sharing and cooperation. We do this through the creation and management of valuable defense sector programs, partnerships, products and opportunities that enable our members to grow in their trust–based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. Members of all sizes share intelligence on incidents, cyber and physical threats, vulnerabilities, and associated threat remediation.


The NDISAC logo is a direct representation of the Pentagon, a symbol of our national defense, with our pentagonal “rings.” These rings portray our three different memberships: Premium, Prime and Affiliate. Each of these memberships maintain access to different services, data, and collaborative engagements.

Premium Membership includes the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE), the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) industry’s cyber threat sharing center of excellence. DSIE is the highly-selective, highly-active trusted community for DIB organizations. DSIE member companies are exceptionally active with sharing and collaboration of threat intelligence information and contextual data, and are at the highest levels of trust with their peers regarding the handling and protection of shared information.

Prime is our main membership level. Membership includes access to our communities of trust, where different NDISAC member communities can create a separate environment to collaborate and share information. The NDISAC Cyber Threat Collaboration (NDISAC-CTC), a community which fosters development, application and sharing of cyber intelligence, is an example of one these segmented communities.

Affiliate Membership is available to any organization relevant to national defense. Members will be on the alerts list and will have access to best practices and USG sourced information and information on programs and initiatives valuable and relevant to the DIB.

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Trusted Environment

Trust is essential to creating an active collaborative environment. The NDISAC organizational trust model among its membership is relatively unique. Unlike other organizations of similar objective, internal NDISAC threat information sharing and collaborative coordination is generally done with full attribution among the participants. Members are governed by a mutually exercised non-disclosure agreement, and have the confidence that data shared and context discussed is not subject to further dissemination. Employing the Traffic Light Protocol (Red, Amber, Green, White) ensures that only NDISAC members will receive information classified Amber or above.

As a result, NDISAC threat sharing and collaboration occurs with an exceptional degree of trust, candor, and cooperation; and is undertaken with full confidence that all information shared and mitigation strategies discussed will not be attributed beyond the trusted environment. This provides mutuality of trust, as well as an immediate perspective of the trustworthiness and value of the data shared based upon its attributed source.