DIB SCC Launches Cyber Assist Website

The DIB SCC announced the launch by the SCC Supply Chain Cybersecurity Task Force of the Cyber Assist website via the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ND-ISAC).  Link to Cyber Assist: https://ndisac.org/dibscc/cyberassist/

The Cyber Assist website is a step to assist small and mid-sized companies in meeting evolving cybersecurity requirements to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD).  The Cyber Assist website provides trusted resources for short and long term cyber resiliency within the supply chain.  The site provides vendors and suppliers a resource for guides, standards, sample policies and procedures, videos, example tools, lessons learned, and other helpful information.  Users can simply click on a security control family and be directed to a list of resources to help with successful implementation and assessment.  The website is a useful platform to share awareness, threats, best practices, tools and other resources from industry peers, or government groups.  The Cyber Assist website is part of a multi-faceted campaign to implement near-term technical solutions tailored to support small and mid-sized companies, in particular, to assist them in elevating their cybersecurity practices and to meet corresponding DoD requirements.

The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ND-ISAC) is established by the DIB SCC Charter as the sector’s information sharing, analysis, support, and operational mechanism for the DIB SCC.