Empowering the DIB Sector: ND-ISAC’s Cloud Security & Architecture and Microsoft Cloud Services Working Groups Publish Multi-Tenant and External Collaboration Challenges Whitepaper

ND-ISAC has more than 25 technical Working Groups where member company subject matter experts collaborate on defending against cyber threats, and developing best practices and solutions to common challenges.  Among other areas, ND-ISAC Working Group focus areas include Cloud Security and Architecture, Microsoft Cloud Services, and AI.  As a catalyst, during the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ND-ISAC) annual executive summit, Chief Information and Security Officers (CIO/CISO) representing defense sector companies examined challenges with operating multi-tenant environments and external collaboration in Microsoft’s cloud service offerings. The executives made a call to action for ND-ISAC to structure a working group to tackle the issue and produce a recommended practice guide for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector.

Consequently, from the Cloud Security & Architecture and Microsoft Cloud “MSCloud” Services Working Groups  ND-ISAC drew members together with Microsoft subject matter experts to further elaborate common challenges, understand features, and recommended updates for consideration in Microsoft’s Cloud Services roadmap.  This Working Group regularly provides a forum to drill into best-practices and use cases among ND-ISAC member companies. It also provides a venue for the Microsoft team to update participants on their services roadmap, provide guidance on current technical challenges, and answer general how-to’s based on ND-ISAC member interest and feedback. The group has been focused on the Microsoft US Government cloud service offerings, including the US Sovereign Cloud with Microsoft 365 US Government (GCC; GCC High), Microsoft Azure Government, and additional highly regulated solutions.

The resultant white paper “Microsoft Reference Identity Architectures for the US Defense Industrial Base” distills this ongoing collaboration and provides the group’s consensus on common challenges coupled with guidance on potential ways to overcome those challenges.

Download the whitepaper here:  https://ndisac.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Microsoft-Reference-Identity-Architectures-ND-ISAC-MSCloud-Whitepaper.pdf

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