NDISAC Announces New Board Member

NDISAC Announces New Board Member

The National Defense ISAC is pleased to announce the addition of Christina Fowler, MITRE Principal Cyber Analyst, to the NDISAC Board of Directors. Christina previously served as the DSIE Steering Committee chair. Christina has been an active member of the DSIE community since 2008 and she is all-time leading contributor to the DSIE portal and participates in many of the DSIE working groups.

Christina Fowler leads MITRE’s Cyber Threat Analysis Cell which includes malware analysts, Intel analysts, DevOps, and Adversary post-exploitation research. Christina possesses over 20 years of experience in cyber investigations, focused threat analysis, network security and implementation, and IT management.

Prior to joining MITRE, Christina worked for Raytheon’s RayCERT as well as a Computer Scientist and a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) San Diego division. During her FBI tenure, Christina received special recognition for her work in computer intrusion investigations and forensic analysis. She is a recognized expert within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Communities on technical matters relating to cyber espionage, computer forensics, computer crime investigations, foreign counterintelligence, and network security. Christina has also served as the Director of Internet Technology for an international distribution company. In this capacity, she was responsible for network infrastructure, web technologies, internet security, and e-mail architecture.

NDISAC is excited to add Christina’s expertise and unique perspective as an active DSIE community member to our Board of Directors. With this expansion, NDISAC will be able to enhance our current membership base, capabilities and services.

The following is the full list of the NDISAC Board of Directors:

The NDISAC Board of Directors

Jay Weinstein, National Defense ISAC Board Chair
L-3 Communications Senior Director of Networks and Security

 Mike Gordon, National Defense ISAC Board Vice Chair
Lockheed Martin Director, Intelligence & Operations and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Jeff Troy, National Defense ISAC Treasurer
General Electric Aviation Senior IT Risk Manager for and Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center (A-ISAC) Executive Director

Mark Ackerman, National Defense ISAC Secretary
Boeing Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Manager

Wayne Boline, National Defense ISAC Member-at-Large
Raytheon Senior Manager, Global Business Services (GBS)

Christina Fowler, National Defense ISAC Member-at-Large
MITRE Principal Cyber Analyst