NDISAC Overview

NDISAC Overview

The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (NDISAC™) is the National Defense Sector’s non-profit organization formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners.

The NDISAC provides defense sector stakeholders a community and forum for sharing cyber and physical security threat information, best practices and mitigation strategies and is developed to serve as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector’s critical infrastructure protection operational coordination mechanism.

Formerly known as the DIB-ISAO, the NDISAC is the umbrella organization for the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE), the DIB industry’s cyber threat sharing center of excellence. In 2017, NDISAC was founded to expand the DSIE scope, and includes all-hazards threat sharing; industry-wide alerts, warning and notifications capabilities; the ability to pull together and sustain working groups across diverse subject matter areas relevant to the DIB; and the ability to develop and provide information and services supporting DIB interests.

NDISAC is recognized nationally within the U.S. as the ISAC for the nation’s defense industry critical infrastructure sector by the Defense Industry Sector Coordinating Council, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Council of ISACs.

Trusted Environment

Trust is essential to creating an active collaborative environment. The NDISAC organizational trust model among its membership is relatively unique. Unlike other organizations of similar objective, internal NDISAC threat information sharing and collaborative coordination is generally

done with full attribution among the participants. Members are governed by a mutually exercised non-disclosure agreement, and have the confidence that data shared and context discussed is not subject to further dissemination. Employing the Traffic Light Protocol (Red, Amber, Green, White) ensures that only NDISAC members will receive information classified Amber or above.

As a result, NDISAC threat sharing and collaboration occurs with an exceptional degree of trust, candor, and cooperation; and is undertaken with full confidence that all information shared and mitigation strategies discussed will not be attributed beyond the trusted environment. This provides mutuality of trust, as well as an immediate perspective of the trustworthiness and value of the data shared based upon its attributed source.

NDISAC Members

NDISAC membership is available to all defense sector organizations, suppliers, contractors and their interdependent entities, including:

  • Traditional DIB organizations
  • Those conducting business directly or indirectly with the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • DIB critical suppliers
  • Subcontractors for or supplier to DoD, a DoD program, a DoD project, or a DoD activity
  • Critical interdependencies that provide services across all segments of industry as well as the defense sector
  • Any organization who provides services that may be critical to any of the above

NDISAC Membership Benefits

NDISAC members participate in a confidential community of industry leaders and security experts. Members gain access to a secure portal that enables anonymous information sharing, real-time cybersecurity intelligence reports and analysis, the latest government threat advisories and recommendations, DFARS compliance assistance, and facilitates live interaction among industry stakeholders. Members also engage in sector-specific committees and working groups, and participate in exercises and workshops.

NDISAC members receive trusted and timely expert information that increases sector-wide knowledge of physical and cyber security threats. Some of the many NDISAC membership benefits include:

  • Access to all-hazards threat intelligence
  • Secure peer-to-peer and community-to-community collaboration
  • Mentoring relationships with mature security teams
  • Shared services and resources
  • Threat information
  • Best practices
  • DFARS compliance assistance
  • Alerts, notifications and warnings on relevant threats to the industry
  • Latest government threat advisories and recommendations
  • Cyber security analyst training opportunities’
  • Defense industry focused working groups
  • Service offerings geared for DIB companies and their suppliers

Joining the NDISAC is one of the best ways organizations can protect themselves and their employees against cyber and physical threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active stance in safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Contact us today to apply for membership at info@ndisac.org or visit our website, www.ndisac.org.